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How Providers Can Successfully Navigate the Patient ‘Interview’

- Bridget Seay


Acing the interview requires embracing technology, understanding digital trends, and enhancing patient relationship strategies. The post How Providers Can Successfully Navigate the Patient ‘Interview’ appeared first on MedCity News. [...]

Friday, July 19, 2024

The Republican convention, the ACA, abortion access, tech outages, HIV success, cancer, homeless crackdown, covid, and more are in the news. [...]

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How Risky Is COVID for an 81-Year-Old?

- Rachel Gutman-Wei


Once again, Joe Biden has COVID-19. [...]

- Sneha Kannan


The latest advancements in screening and prevention offer promising new hope in the fight against type 1 diabetes. [...]

- Emily Olsen


While the number of deals reached its lowest levels since 2014, the average deal size for the first half of 2024 was 40% higher than the year prior.  [...]

Navigating the Global Lactose-Free Dairy Products Market: Opportunities and Challenges


Lactose intolerance affects a significant portion of the global population, leading to discomfort and digestive issues upon consuming lactose-containing dairy products. In response to this widespread concern, the lactose-free dairy products market has emerged as a viable solution, offering individuals… [...]

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Polio stalks Gazans as ‘anarchy’ spreads, humanitarians warn

To add to the devastation of war and the complete breakdown of law and order, Gazans now have to contend with the threat of highly infectious polio disease linked to the disastrous sanitation situation created by the conflict, the UN… [...]

CDC Investigating Multistate Outbreak of Listeria Infections Linked to Meats Sliced at Delis [...]

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