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- Swarnakshi Sharma

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is often portrayed in acts of excessive cleaning or repetitive routines. But we know OCD is more than just these obsessions and compulsions. OCD can manifest in many ways, one of which is through a symptom… [...]

- Aayushi Kapoor
Psychology of Orange Color: Taking A Look At Positive And Negative Sides

Whenever you think of orange color, what comes to your mind? Do you also think of orange sunset, bloomy season, or classy interior space work? Well, we all might agree with the fact that orange is one of the… [...]

- Priyanka Joshi
​​Journaling for Mental Health – My coping skill

Journaling has long been recognised as a powerful tool for self-reflection, stress management, and personal growth. Through expressive writing, journaling can help improve mental health, enhance emotional well-being, and promote healing. In this blog, I will share various journaling… [...]

- Priyanka Joshi
Inner Child Work: What it means and why is it important

I hear a lot about childhood trauma and how our childhood experiences shape us into the people we are today. The more I learn about it I realise how deeply past traumas and emotional wounds can affect our adult… [...]

- Randy Withers, LCMHC

Discover 7 key benefits of EMDR training for therapists. Enhance your practice and empower your clients. Read the blog to learn more. [...]

- Beth Rush

Explore the benefits of a multigenerational approach to family therapy, a method addressing deep-rooted issues and strengthening family bonds. [...]

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- Andrea Rosenhaft LCSW-R

Personal Perspective: Dividing my life into before and after mental illness has raised questions. But are they questions I should be asking myself? [...]

- Andrea Rosenhaft LCSW-R

Personal Perspective: A return to the office has triggered thoughts and feelings about my weight and body image. [...]