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- Hannah Beckett-Pratt
5 ways to turn feelings of anger into empowerment

Feeling stuck? Releasing rage could be the key to clarity and empowerment [...]

- Kate Orson
How to let go of people-pleasing and overcome the fear of not being liked

Our natural desire to get on with others is no bad thing, but what happens when people-pleasing starts to hold you back? [...]

- Aayushi Kapoor

Per the title, integrative behavioral couple therapy is based on acceptance. The idea behind the development of integrative behavioral couple therapy based on the principles of acceptance came into the limelight when a therapist stated, “there are two sides… [...]

- Kirti Bhati

Your body’s fight or flight response is a natural reaction that your brain initiates in order to deal with any type of threat. The fight or flight response was used by our ancestors because, during the early ages, a… [...]

- Priyanka Joshi
25 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety That Will Help You Ease

When you say positive things to yourself you start believing in yourself, nurture yourself, and prepare yourself for a better tomorrow. Let the healing begin with these simple yet power-packed statements. [...]

- Priyanka Joshi
How Can A Single Parent Raise A Happy Child? 8 Workable Approaches

Parenting never comes with a manual and there is nothing like perfect parenting. There are only happy parents and children. [...]

- April Sutphen

There’s also a fine line between porn addiction and what may be regarded as a natural curiosity to view pornographic material. [...]

- Randy Withers, LCMHC

Psychiatric nurses are some of the most important professionals in the healthcare industry. [...]

- Lisa Taylor

Are emotional manipulations a form of emotional abuse? Understanding the nature and effects of emotional stonewalling in close relationships is key to understanding its implications. In this blog post, we’ll explore the following: The concept of emotional stonewalling. How… [...]

- Lisa Taylor

By Leo DeBroeck, LMHC, CMHS, MHP It seems throughout social media there are 1,001 different advertised self-help books filled with tips and tricks which claim that self-care cures mental illness. It does not. Lack of self-care is not the… [...]

- Andrea Rosenhaft LCSW-R

Personal Perspective: Insomnia, fatigue, and changes in eating habits are key symptoms of burnout. I had them all. [...]

- Andrea Rosenhaft LCSW-R

Personal Perspective: I first learned DBT after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Here's why I still use it today. [...]