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- Swarnakshi Sharma
Love Undercover: The History And Impact of Lavender Marriage on LGBTQ Lives

As a child, I was taught that marriage is a bond that brings two people together. The two people in question were always assumed to be a man and a woman. The idea of a sacred bond between a… [...]

- Swarnakshi Sharma
From Self-Doubt to Confidence: Identify And Overcome Common Mental Barriers

Oftentimes, our worst enemy turns out to be ourselves. When we can’t seem to move on from our weaknesses, we become our worst critics and hurt ourselves by not allowing ourselves to banish these so-called weaknesses or turn them… [...]

- Priyanka Joshi

Can a mental health day off help employees manage a better work-life balance? Can it aid in better employer relationships? With the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK and people still dealing with the post-pandemic stress, the… [...]

- Priyanka Joshi
Health and Wellness for Single Moms: Prioritising Self-Care

I am an active advocate of mental health and prioritising self-care is my basic need to survive. Health is wealth and this statement hits differently when you are in your late 30s. You want to be fit to take… [...]

- Randy Withers, LCMHC

Explore how to provide Psychological First Aid (PFA), a lifeline for individuals in distress, with key principles, techniques, and real-world applications. [...]

- Randy Withers, LCMHC

Learn how to prevent therapist burnout with 13 tips that can help you stay healthy and happy in your work. [...]

- Jeanine Austin

Most of us tend to visit doctors only when we experience severe or persistent symptoms, often overlooking the critical importance of preventive care. This especially holds true in the realm of urology. When people hear ‘urologist,’ they often… [...]

- Lisa Taylor

A Therapists’ Suggestions for Discussing Adoption with Your Child   Adoption is a beautiful method to build a family, but it is not without its difficulties. One of the most difficult tasks for adoptive parents is discussing their adoption with… [...]

- Andrea Rosenhaft LCSW-R

Personal Perspective: This Memorial Day will be the fifth anniversary of my stroke. My doctors could never determine why I had it. [...]

- Andrea Rosenhaft LCSW-R

Personal Perspective: After 21 years memories of my mother still trigger grief. [...]