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- Dick Benson
Four Lifestyle Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

Did you know there’s a prescription for better health that doesn’t require going to the pharmacy? That’s right, it’s a prescription for your lifestyle – adopting everyday practices and nutrition that can improve your overall Read More The post… [...]

- Dick Benson
3 Ways to Find the Right Road to Eating Disorder Recovery

An eating disorder is a serious but treatable mental and physical illnesses that can affect people of all genders, ages, races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, body shapes, and weights. National surveys estimate that 20 million Read More The post… [...]

- Tori Hudson, N.D.
Cycles on My Mind

The coming of Autumn always feels like a poignant time to me…. So many things are changing… The nights get a little cooler, the days becoming noticeably shorter, the blackberries on my property fading in numbers of sweet and… [...]

- Tori Hudson, N.D.
Bacopa for the Aging Brain

Nootropics is a term used to describe those agents that improve cognition, memory, creativity or motivation.   Nootropic substances can be as common as everyday caffeine and nicotine, or stimulants such as amphetamine and methylphenidate or many prescription items including… [...]

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- Robin Harford
EP42: Medicinal Forest Gardens

The post EP42: Medicinal Forest Gardens appeared first on EATWEEDS. [...]

- Robin Harford

The post Hazel appeared first on EATWEEDS. [...]

- matthew
Notes from the Field July 2022

Nature Cure Clinical Pearls  JARED L. ZEFF, ND, VNMI, LAC  The following is not an article prepared for a medical journal. Not every statement of fact is cited or referenced. This is a commentary on the medicine, a running… [...]

- matthew
Genetics & Environmental Disease 

Complex Chronic Disease Saved by a Genetic Hormone Profile  WINNIE SIU, ND  As clinicians, we often come across complex and challenging cases. Many of our patients have been diagnosed with complex chronic conditions such as mast cell activation syndrome… [...]

- arjunmehra0852

Senna Tea for Healthy LifestyleDo you know that about 22% of Indian and 16% of US adults commonly suffer from constipation? If you are suffering from any digestive problems as such, we have brought you a solution that is… [...]

- arjunmehra0852

Ashwagandha powder has been used in Ayurvedic practices for more than 8000 years now. It heals several physical and mental ailments, which directly or indirectly cause skin problems. But do you know how Ashwagandha powder does wonders for your… [...]