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- Jacquelyne Froeber
5 Women's Health and Beauty Products Made by Women

May 12-18 is National Women’s Health Week.As the saying goes, behind every great company is a great woman. Or we should say, a lot of great women.Nearly 4 out of 10 businesses in the U.S. are owned by women.… [...]

- Jessi Macdonald
Thanks to TikTok, I Was Able to Afford the Anti-Obesity Medication That Changed My Life

As told to Jacquelyne FroeberWhen my sister turned 13, I bought her a ring that said, “I hope you dance.” I cried the first time I heard that song. The lyrics said everything I wanted for my sister. I… [...]

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- Natasha Weiss
Can You Get Pregnant After a Uterus Transplant?

Infertility is a difficult experience to go through, yet it affects about one in six adults globally. There’s a wide range of reproductive health issues that can cause infertility and… [...]

- Nicole Lane
Female Sexual Dysfunction – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If you’re reading this article, you may be trying to seek some relief, some guidance, some answers for why you’re struggling with an issue that you may not even know… [...]

- Maggie Ryan
Is It Actually Safe Dye Your Hair While Pregnant? Here’s What an OB-GYN Says

As soon as you find out you’re having a baby, pregnancy books and obstetricians will give you lists of things to avoid. Think: contact sports, chemical sunscreens, store-bought sushi. But what about dying your hair while pregnant? Can you… [...]

- Maggie Ryan
Hate Pelvic Exams? Now You Can Self-Collect Your Vaginal Samples for HPV Screening

Pelvic exams are no one’s idea of fun. No matter how many you’ve done, no matter how prepared you are, that moment when the ice cold speculum wrenches open your vagina never gets more comfortable. As much as we’d… [...]

- Denise Conway

Who’s ready for a CHALLENGE??? If you have a pelvic organ prolapse or if you simply want to boost your […] The post First Steps to Prolapse Relief – 10 Day Challenge appeared first on The Flower Empowered. [...]

- Denise Conway

In this article, we will as the question Are hypopressives beneficial for pelvic floor dysfunction? If you are suffering from […] The post Are Hypopressives Beneficial for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? appeared first on The Flower Empowered. [...]

- Healthista

Running on autopilot? Not feeling refreshed upon waking? Experts reveal 5 simple ways you can feel awake and alert every morning  The post 5 ways to feel awake and alert EVERY morning appeared first on Healthista. [...]

- Olivia Hartland-Robbins

Whether you're looking to lose weight, eat a healthier diet or are looking to combat metabolic diseases, these 5 low-carb recipes are simple, delicious and family friendly The post 5 Low-Carb Recipes the whole family will love appeared first… [...]