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- Brett & Kate McKay
Just Go to Sleep

Have you ever noticed that you tend to feel more down at night? You’re more apt to think about embarrassing moments and regrets, and to feel that certain areas (or all areas) of your life aren’t going well. A… [...]

- Brett & Kate McKay
The Importance of Having a Physical Identity

In the United States, over sixty percent of people live a sedentary lifestyle. A quarter of the population gets no physical activity at all.  Maybe you’re one of these sedentary folks. Physical activity is just not something you do.… [...]

Apple Fitness+ Review: A Must For Apple Watch Owners

Fitness+ isn’t perfect, but the variety of workouts is impressive – as is the synergy between Apple devices [...]

The Best Places For Spectators To Watch The London Marathon 2022

How to spot your runner and avoid getting lost in the crowds [...]

What Time Does The London Marathon 2022 Start?

Your exact London Marathon start time will depend on the wave you’re in, so you need to be on top of your schedule for Sunday [...]