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- Brett & Kate McKay
How to Get a Full-Body Workout on a Cable Machine/Functional Trainer

Walk into any commercial gym, or even a hotel fitness center, and you’ll probably see a cable machine and/or a functional trainer. A cable machine features two weight stacks connected by a cross-beam. The weights in each stack can… [...]

- Brett & Kate McKay
The James Bond Workout

When you have a license to kill, you’ve got to keep yourself in tip-top shape. So what did James Bond do for his workout?  From the James Bond novels, we know that 007 liked to do all sorts of… [...]

What Is The Difference Between Whey Concentrate And Whey Isolate?

A whey protein development scientist reveals all [...]

Not A Typo—Save Up To 47% On ANY New E-Bike To Cycle To Work

And saving big is not the only reason to buy a bike through Green Commute Initiative [...]

What To Eat Before A Run

Find out what and when to eat to ensure you get the most out of your run, and avoid any gastrointestinal distress [...]